MLB’s Gameday Atypicals: Runners.

OK, so this is the first post( of many ) of the GD2 Atypical series. In these posts I’ll be documenting some of the discrepancies I’ve found( and battled to fix in my personal DB ) in the data provided by the GD2 XML files. Also, please note that these entries will only include data from the Mexican Winter and Summer leagues, but inconsistencies may años appear in data provided for other leagues.

I first came through this error while I was querying my DB few days back. I got this  result. So the first thing that came to my mind was: How can I player appear twice in the same event number? Furthermore, why did I only get 84 rows( first ten shown below ) out of a table that stores 20k+ records. Uncommon data maybe? You bet.

Analyzing the first record. I went to this game, searched down for event 165 and I was able to see that Alexis Wilson,id 656029 appeared twice in that event:

According to Gameday( line 2 in above gist ), Alex Wilson hit a double although he was not at bat.  Actually, the man batting during that event was Maxwell Leon and guess what, he hit a double. So based on this, we can conclude that Gameday is wrong and that the first runner record showing id 656029 in event 165, should hold Maxwell’s player id.

To end this post I must say that although I can’t prove it,  I strongly believe that these discrepancies are caused by some bug related to pinch-runner events. If you don’t believe me, check out this file. It contains the event ids having the same runners twice and the event ids when those runners entered the game as PR. Both event ids are very close to each other in most of the cases.

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