MLB’s Gameday Atypicals: Player Names

Short and difficult to handle: Several players are registered with more than one first name/last name in Gameday’s files( specifically in the rawboxscore.xml file )  so here’s the  list of players who are registered with more than one name in the Mexican Winter League until today. Furthermore below players have more than two names registered in Gameday’s database:

id first_name last_name
407821 Luis Garcia
407821 Luis A. Garcia
407821 Luis Alfonso Garcia
407821 Luis Alfonzo Garcia
634496 Leo German
634496 Leonardo German
634496 Misael German
634496 Missael German
497575 Jose Rodriguez
497575 Jose Manuel Rodriguez
497575 Manny Rodriguez
604596 Alejandro Delgado
604596 Alex Delgado
604596 Efren Delgado
view raw player_names.txt hosted with ❤ by GitHub

So which name to pick for each player ?

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